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Relocation Center

Whether you are being transferred by your current employer or accepting a new position with a New Company... Relocating from city to city during a career is a way of life for many Americans.

This is not an easy task. Moving your family all over the USA. Its a major decision finding the right home.

Gary understands this... He's helped hundreds of families just like yours make the move. Gary has dedicated his career to making the transition as easy as possible for you, your family and employer.

He is a Relocation Specialist!!!

GMAC Relocation, Prudential Relocation, Sirva Relocation... All the Big Names... Gary has done many deals withtransferees using these companies and they are very happy to have Gary represent their clients.

The process is so simple... You don't have to do anything...Just tell your relo coordinator that you have already found a realtor in The Woodlands that you want to work with. They will contact me directly. They will send me the necessary paperwork... and it will be taken care of behind the scenes. It couldn't be done any easier for you!!!

The way you can rest assured knowing you'll be working with a real pro who deeply cares about your needs, desires and satisfactions... not just a maybe good, maybe not so good agents name drawn out of a hat by the Relocation company in another state.

You can also rest in comfort that using Gary as your Buyers Agent will in no way compromise or negatively impact your relocation package or allowances...There will be absolutely no difference in your beneifits... just the quality of service and attention to detail by detail you will receive choosing Gary.

So don't hesitate. Email me that you want me to send you a relocation survival kit. It's full of every detailed information about The Woodlands. You will start to feel right at home before you even get here!

Gary L. Brandt Sr.